About the Author

Welcome to my blog! I hope you’ll stick around.

So you wanted to know about me, the ‘author’, eh?

The most important thing to know, if you read no further, is that I’m passionate about:
  • Helping you to learn how to budget.
  • Helping you to save money and actually SAVE money.
  • Generally helping you better manage your finances if you need help.

But you wanted to actually know some nitty-gritty about me? Ok then…

The nameBunchy happens to be the nickname that my husband and some of his family call me. I thought it worked better as part of my blog title. My real name is Lisa, but I answer to most things!
I’m 40 years old, happily married and do not have children, though we have 10 beloved nieces and nephews. I’m an animal lover and a bit of a tree-hugger. I also love to write.
We’re frugal, but not miserly people. We enjoy life without the need to spend much money (most of the time). Living this way benefits our financial situation and our impact on the planet.
Having a ridiculous amount of health problems, I had to give up working outside of the home. It’s been three years now. This has been very hard to accept and of course, money has been much tighter!
I’ve learnt a lot over the decades on how to manage varying and often very low incomes. I also have a natural interest in finance and so continue to educate myself.

So why the blog, lady?

I have an ongoing challenge of having to spend most of my time at home. Yet, I wanted to find a way to still provide value to people and have something give me a purpose and direction again.
I happen to be someone who is very good at budgeting money, even (or especially) when there’s not a lot to manage! I want to be able to use my skills to help others get their money to work best for them and take away some of their anxiety.
This woman knows the struggle, believe me. It hurts my heart to see other people who are having difficulty with their finances, whether they are on low incomes or earning a fairly good salary (but wondering where their money went each month!).
I want to develop a community of like-minded people who can all support one another.

(Sort of) ‘Disclaimers’:

I’m no financial guru. I don’t have any documented qualifications in personal finance.
I am no Jane Austen. I have a LOT to learn about punctuation and grammar, but I’ve always loved to write. By writing this blog, I will improve. At the same time, I try to keep my language accessible to as many people as possible.
For the most part, core principles of financial wisdom are all pretty similar. No matter when written or who wrote it, common themes are there. Thus, I will not be re-inventing the wheel by sharing what I’ve learned from various sources along the way.
If I recommend anything, (e.g. A book or an app for your phone), it means that I’ve found value in it or that you may.
I haven’t quite moved on to the stage in our personal finances where we’re investing. Though I have invested in the past (before having to give up work), I didn’t know enough about it. So, as we’re not quite ready to begin again, there won’t be much investment content at this stage. That will change in time, once I’m more clued up on the matter.
I look forward to getting to know you, finding out how I can help you the most, and learning from you TOO.

I love hearing from you and want to nurture this community that is growing each day. Don’t be shy! Comment, contribute to the Facebook page, send me a private message or all three! I will always try to help you.


Lisa a.k.a. ‘Bunchy’


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