Foraging For Our Food (Off-Topic Tuesday)

This post began as part of my new ‘Off-Topic’ series. Yet, as I wrote, the more I discovered that it ties in with money-saving and frugality!

On Sunday we had a lovely afternoon that didn’t cost us a penny.

Our car has been stuck at the local garage for over a fortnight now and won’t be coming home. (More on that disaster another time). Even being the hermit that I am, even I was getting a little cabin fever.

Mr. B and I both have bicycles, so if I’m not particularly fatigued or in pain, I’m able to cycle a reasonable distance.

We decided to ride to the local nature reserve that isn’t far from us. It’s blackberry season (my favourite fruit!) so we packed some containers and off we went.

We rode the distance of the reserve first, to scope out the best picking areas, then rode back, stopping to pick. Though we took some gardening gloves, we didn’t use them. Yes we got some scratches and nettle stings and yes it rained a little, but it was so relaxing! I ate a fair few berries along the way, though not the ones that were low down and liable to have been peed on by dogs!

We spent a couple of hours at the reserve, passing the time of day with friendly people and even friendlier dogs. It was a lovely afternoon and was even nicer due to the fact that we hadn’t had to take our wallets with us.

We bagged a large container of blackberries for zero cost, plus a handful of sloes, of which there were many. There were also rosehips and let’s not forget nettles too if you make nettle soup.

You don’t need a nature reserve nearby to forage your own food, as blackberries are everywhere now. Hurry if you don’t want to miss them! One thing; you might want to avoid berries growing by roads with heavy traffic pollution. Yet, this article shows that this concern may not be as worrisome as you might think.

Do you ever forage for your own food? What dishes do you make from your pickings?

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Why Being On Camera Isn’t For Me

(The First Post Of My ‘Off-Topic’ Tuesday Series)

In late 2016, after being inspired by the ever-growing world of the personal finance YouTube community, I thought it’d be a good idea to jump on board and share my own ideas and passion about this topic.

I had a mixture of feelings about this experience; from excitement to fear, but after a few months of trying it, I decided that it wasn’t for me.

Fast forward to Summer 2017 and I felt that I was missing creating videos in an area of interest that I feel passionately about and so decided to give it another go. I did lots of research (research is my thing) and off I went again.

Throughout the first and second attempt at becoming a YouTube creator, despite enjoying the process, for the most part, I was always a little uneasy.

Now, I’m not for one minute knocking YouTube or any YouTube creators. I rely on YouTube on a daily basis for education, instructions, and entertainment. What I want to explain is why what I was doing just wasn’t for me and why I switched my videos from ‘public’ to ‘private’.

  1. I’m very private. (I know that I write about some personal things here, but it seems a much safer environment and there’s something about the medium of writing that allows more anonymity than video does.)
    I’d rather not have my face and voice out there for everybody to see. Yes, I could’ve created videos that didn’t show me, but this leads on to my next issue…
  2. I can’t seem to master video editing. – I’ve put, at least what I consider to be, a LOT of effort into really trying to learn this skill. Granted, the various apps or software I used were all free and therefore somewhat limited, but I just couldn’t crack it and frankly, ran out of patience!
  3. It takes up too much time. – I may not be a paid employee but on the days that I’m not bedbound, I’m busy being a housewife and being a frugal housewife often means that things take longer, due to cooking from scratch, etc. Housework also takes me a lot longer to do than your average person, as I have to frequently stop and rest. All that to say, that time, as it is for everybody, is very precious and I’m not okay with spending it doing something that isn’t completely enjoyable to me.
  4. I’m very sensitive – Now, I was too small a channel to experience any ‘haters’, ‘trolls’, or negativity in the comments section of YouTube, but it was always a possibility. The longer I made videos and the more my subscriber count grew, the more likely it would’ve been that I would’ve encountered this sort of response. I know that it’s possible that it could happen on this blog, but people are less likely to stumble upon this blog (they’re more likely to find me due to sharing an interest in what I write about) than they would have stumbled upon any of my YouTube videos, plus, there’s a culture on YouTube that seems to make people feel entitled to write hateful comments to perfect strangers. I’m a highly sensitive person and just don’t deal well with that sort of behaviour.

So there it is! My YouTuber days are over, but I learned a lot during the time I did it and let’s face it, no knowledge is wasted knowledge.

I love hearing from you and want to grow this community that is growing each day. Don’t be shy! Comment, contribute to the Facebook page, send me a private message or all three! I will always try to help you.

Lisa a.k.a ‘Bunchy’


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